Born and raised in the Bay Area, I moved to Florida to pursue my undergraduate degree in Psychology (originally for the Performing Arts, but that story will be for a different time). Through my courses I developed a strong exposure to and understanding of academic journals and research-based exploration of psychological constructs. I had my first opportunity to formally present my own research regarding friends with benefits relationships and attachment styles while enrolled in a Human Sexual Behavior course. I presented my research at the Southeastern Psychological Association’s annual meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana – I knew I wanted to keep digging into topics in this fashion.

After graduation from The University of Tampa, I attended graduate school at San Jose State University to earn my Masters of Arts in Experimental Psychology. I continued the general vein of friends with benefits research, but more deeply explored personality constructs and gender relationships. I presented my research during my tenure at the Western Psychological Association’s annual meeting in Los Angeles, California, as well as held a formal lecture and discussion at the university-hosted psychology conference in the same year.

Though I pursued different career goals upon the defense of my thesis and formal receipt of my degree, my admiration for evidence-based decision-making and scholarly pursuits has never diminished. I am currently a research manager for the State of California and conduct various types of data analyses and research projects for my department’s internal customers and external stakeholders. As my pregnancy progresses, and I eventually venture into first-time motherhood, I want to avoid being caught up in anecdotal reports of what to do and what not to do, clickbait headlines and pop science, and gear my decisions and understanding of the different situations that may arise towards research and science conducted by people who know a hell of a lot more than me about it all.

I hope you’ll join me for this journey!


Personal Tidbits

Four cats (and counting?)
– Husband is a cat lady

Avid San Jose Sharks hockey fan
Lover of musical theatre

Activities I Enjoy:
– Cooking – Drinking wine – Going for walks – Traveling

Recent Travel:
Europe for our delayed honeymoon – conveniently turned into a babymoon as well
Paris, Brussels, and London